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Premium Wholesale CBD 

Blackhouse Botanicals Wholesale CBD can help you build repeat CBD business by changing your customers' lives for the better! 

Welcome to Blackhouse Botanicals Wholesale.

Carrying Blackhouse Botanicals premium CBD can help you create a loyal customer base that returns to your business regularly. 


Our high-quality products are some of the finest craft cannabis creations available. We responsibly source, extract, create, and package all our products in-house.


Blackhouse Botanicals is dedicated to the success of your business and helping you provide great service and products to your customers. We offer sales training videos to help educate you and your employees to better serve your customers.  

We will help you find the products that sell in your business and replace 100% of the products that don't. No questions asked.

Blackhouse Botanicals Wholesale CBD offers you keystone markups for incredible margins!

If You Are A Retail Customer, Visit Us At
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