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Frequently Asked Questions

Question- How do I Become A Blackhouse Botanicals CBD Wholesaler

Answer- To become a CBD wholesaler of Blackhouse Botanicals CBD products: 

#1: Create An Account

#2: Submit Your Business License and Tax Documentation

#3: Wholesale representative approves your account

#4: Start ordering using our online store for wholesale CBD distributors or talk to your Sales Rep. 


Question - What Makes Blackhouse Botanicals CBD Products Different From The Rest

Answer- We believe our premium CBD products are some of the only true Craft CBD Products on the market. Our internal manufacturing processes are second to none. We make everything in our own lab, and all of our products are third part lab tested and verified. Our quality standards are very high, and we maintain them by manufacturing all of our products internally. When you sell our products you know you are only getting the highest quality CBD products and you know where everything comes from. We don't "cobble" our products together from someone else's extract and just add to it. 


Question- How are Blackhouse Botanicals Gummies legal?

Answer- The Farm Bill that passed in 2018 states CBD products can contain up to 0.3%. Our gummies have been third-party tested and are registered with the Utah Department of Agriculture to confirm we are maintaining this requirement.  


Question- How many milligrams of THC and other cannabinoids are in Blackhouse Botanicals Gummies?

Answer-  The CBG/D8 gummies contain 20mg CBG, 18mg Delta 8 THC and 2mg Delta 9 THC. The CBD/CBG gummies contain 10mg CBD, 10mg CBG, 11mg Delta 8 THC and 4mg Delta 9 THC. The CBD gummies contain 20mg CBD, 4mg Delta 8 THC and 11mg Delta 9 THC.   


Question- How is CBG different than CBD?

Answer- To fully understand the answer to this question you first need to know a few things about the human body. Each of us has an Endocannabinoid System which is found in the Central and Peripherial Nervous Systems. These systems are believed to be involved with regulating physiological and cognitive responses, various activities of the immune system, appetite, pain-sensation, mood, inflammatory responses, and many more. The two primary cannabinoid receptors in the ES have been identified as CB1 and CB2. CBG has been known to act directly with both the CB1 and CB2 receptors, in contrast to CBD, which works indirectly with the ES. For this reason CBG has been shown to better supplement ES function in some individuals for the aforementioned ailments as well as being a possible alternative to THC for pain relief due to it's direct anti-inflammatory action. 

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